Shore-side substation – Electrical installation including the switchgear, converting equipment and automation system used to connect the vessel to the onshore power supply (also known as Shore-to-ship power, Cold ironing, Alternative Maritime Power supply, etc.).


Shore-side substations provide continuous electrical power to ships at berth, while their main and auxiliary engines are shut down. This solution enables transferring the ship’s load to the shore-side power supply without disrupting on-board services (lighting, refrigeration, cooling, heating, emergency equipment, etc.).

Shore-to-ship technology contributes to greener and more efficient ports:

  • Eliminates emissions from burning fossil fuel on board of the ships, while they are docked
  • Reduces the ship’s life cycle cost by fewer fuel consumption and maintenance cost
  • Reduces noise pollution and vibration providing comfort environment to the ship passengers as well as port workers and visitors

Why TE Energy?

  • SF6 –free switchgear provides even greener profile for the whole power infrastructure
  • Design of non-standard switchgear solutions or retrofit of existing onshore power installations
  • Positive experience in working on large projects such as Port of Tallinn Shore to Ship connection together with Tallink Grupp