What is the importance of SF6-Free switchgear?

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is a seriously harmful greenhouse gas with an extremely high Global Warming Potential (GWP). It was banned in the EU in 2014 for all applications where less harmful alternatives are available. More and more countries across the world are imposing restrictions every day making a complete ban of SF6 just a matter of time.

Our green SF6-free and cost-effective technology offers a way to contribute to a sustainable environment and lower you maintenance and decommissioning costs.

Do we have to maintain and monitor the switchgear?

Our switchgear panels are designed for a service life of at least 30 years. The vacuum circuit breaker, earthing switch and cast resin insulation technology are maintenance free, so only routine inspections are necessary to verify the correct operation of the panel.

Unlike SF6 switchgear, the air-insulated switchgear does not require continuous monitoring of gas pressure and periodic tank tightness control.

What are the ratings of your switchgear?

We manufacture air-insulated switchgear panels for the following ratings:

  • 12kV: BIL 28/75 kV; up to 4000A rated current; 31.5 kA rated breaking current; IAC AFLR 31.5kА/1s
  • 17,5kV: BIL 38/95 kV; up to 4000A rated current; 31.5 kA rated breaking current; IAC AFLR 31.5kА/1s
  • 24kV: BIL 50/125 kV; up to 2500A rated current; 25 kA rated breaking current; IAC AFLR 25kА/1s
  • 36kV: BIL 70/170 kV; up to 3150A rated current; 31.5 kA rated breaking current; IAC AFLR 31.5kА/1s

Visit our Specifications section to find more details about the ratings.

Can we use your switchgear in 60 Hz power frequency system?

Yes. Our switchgear panels have been type-tested to operate in 60 Hz power frequency system.

How do you ensure high quality of your switchgear?

Our switchgear panels are designed and type tested in accordance with the latest revision of the IEC standard 62271-200 in the accredited laboratories such as CESI or KEMA – world-wide recognised independent laboratories and founder members of the Short-circuit Testing Liaison (STL).

According to the IEC standard and our quality policy, switchgear panels are shipped only after completion of the following routine tests:

  • Dielectric test on the main circuit (IEC 62271-200 subclause 7.1)
  • Tests on auxiliary and control circuits (IEC 62271-200 subclause 7.2)
  • Measurement of the resistance of the main circuit (IEC 62271-200 subclause 7.3)
  • Design and visual checks (IEC 62271-200 subclause 7.5)
  • Mechanical operation tests (IEC 62271-200 subclause 7.102)

Routine tests are performed on every functional unit and a routine test certificate is issued.

Routine tests can be witnessed by the customer during Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) to verify that newly manufactured equipment meets the technical specification and client’s requirements.

Will you switchgear provide protection against the internal arc fault (is it arc-proof)?

Yes. Our switchgear is arc-proof. The panels are designed to withstand the internal arc fault with a short circuit current up to 31,5kA during one second initiated in each compartment separately.

The internal arc classification (IAC) is given as AFLR 16, 25 or 31,5 kA/s based on the switchgear rating according to the IEC 62271-200.

Additionally, our switchgear panels can be equipped with an advanced pressure relief system (gas exhaust duct) designed to direct exhaust gases away from the equipment according to the exact substation layout.

How quickly can you switchgear interrupt a short-circuit fault?

Vacuum circuit breakers are able to interrupt fault currents in 16 ms – the fastest arc fault interruption in the industry.

What type of current and voltage instrument transformers do you use in your switchgear?

We normally use indoor support (post) type cast-resin transformers according to the customer’s requirements and preferences. We use only trusted and reliable industry brands such as ALCE Elektrik, KPB Intra, RITZ and others. Alternatively, we can offer the current and voltage sensor technology for Smart Grid applications.

What type of protective relays do you use in your switchgear?

We use microprocessor-based protective relays according to the customer’s requirements and preferences. The product range starts with simple overcurrent relays and ends with sophisticated intelligent protection devices (IEDs) providing the most advanced protection, monitoring, and communication functions for Smart Grid solutions.  We use the most trusted industry brands such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens and others.

Where can we use your switchgear?

Our switchgear can be used for primary and secondary distribution up to 36 kV including a variety of the most demanding applications such as shore-to-ship power distribution, mines, industrial and containerized mobile substations, STOR generation substations and many more.

Visit our Applications section to find more details about our solutions and see Testimonials section for references from our customers.

Can we use your switchgear in Smart Grid applications (Digital substations)?

Yes. Our switchgear panels can be a key component of the digital substation by providing the following Smart Grid features.

  • Conventional instrument transformers with IEC 61850 merging units (MU)
  • Digital current and voltage sensors
  • Substation automation with IEC 61850 ready equipment (IEDs, MU, tariff meters)
We look for compact and cost-effective solutions to save space and reduce time of equipment installation. Please tell us more about your diverse solutions.

We offer a wide range of flexible solutions to optimize operational performance and save space, which is always challenging when designing and especially retrofitting a substation.

Our diverse solution portfolio includes but not limited to:

  • Earthing switch top attachment for busbar earthing
  • Voltage transformer top attachment for commercial metering
  • Side and rear panel attachments for power cable input and output
  • Spacious compartment for installation of 7 cables per phase and additional sets of CT/VT
  • Duplex busbar system (Back to back design)
  • Busbar extensions and busbar section coupling bridge
  • Custom design pressure relief system (exhaust duct) according to the exact substation layout

These features allow minimizing the number of switchgear panels and hence, reducing switchgear footprint requirements especially in 24kV-voltage class. Our custom designs will perfectly match any substation layout.

Visit our Innovations section to find more details about our solutions.

How to submit a request for quotation?

Create a personal account and sign in to submit your request to our sales support team. You will receive a response within 2-3 business days.

We are the switchgear panel builder and seek for cooperation. How to become your partner?

We collaborate with many panel builders and we are open to new business opportunities. Our portfolio enables panel builders to build type-tested MV switchgear based on a manufacturing license agreement. As our partner, you will benefit from our diverse solutions, compliance with standards and continuous technical support and trainings from our best switchgear experts.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss our partnership.

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