SCELL panel is a universal building block to build up customer’s sophisticated network of any configuration and functionality thanks to its instant digital network readiness, powerful electrical parameters, functional versatility and compact size.

SCELL is designed for indoor installations and applications with voltage level up to 24 kV, continuous rated current up to 1250 A, shortcircuit current of up to 25 kA and intended for use in primary and secondary distribution systems.


Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB)
Standard duty ISM25_LD
– 24 kV, 630 A, 20 kA
– M2 (30.000 CO), S2, E2, C2
Heavy duty ISM25_Shell
– 24 kV, 1250 A, 25 kA
– M2 (30.000 CO), S2, E2, C2
Change-Over Switch (COS)
Change-over switch COS25
– 24 kV, 25 kA / 3 s
– M1 (2.000 CO), E2
Motorized option

for remote control

Cable Testing Facility (CTF)

Innovative design with the integrated interface for safe cable testing

Digital instruments
Phase current sensorsPhase and earth current sensorsCurrent sensors for T-connectorsVoltage sensors for T-connectors
Traditional instruments and lifetime monitoring
Phase current and voltagePartial discharge sensorsTemperature sensorsSurge arresters
Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED)

Any digital protection relay can be used, depending on customer’s traditions or preferences. However, in line with the modern trends of network digitalization, TE Energy offers it’s all new protection relay M-series designed to interface with digital current and voltage sensors. Current sensors of different types (detachable) and diameters (depending on cable size) are available. Voltage sensors compatible with most of well known brands of T-connectors.

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