Industrial substations are similar to utility distribution substations, while designed to deliver electrical power specifically to industrial customers producing steel, cement, petrochemicals, oil & gas and other products.


Common industrial application include: Oil & Gas, LNG & Petrochemicals, Mining and other industries such as metal, cement, cellulose production and refinement. While industrial customers are focused on the following main aspects:

  • Reliability and continuity of service to keep production running 24/7
  • Personnel safety
  • Protection and isolation of protection facilities in case of any failure
  • Customized switchgear solutions

Why TE Energy?

  • Highest loss of service continuity classification LSC2B-PM
  • Exceptional safety with an extensive number of mechanical interlocks and arc-proof design AFLR 31,5 kA/1s
  • Up to 100.000 Close-Open operations without maintenance
  • Ratings up to 4000A for the most demanding applications
  • Customized and special application solutions (Fast transfer switch, various switchgear attachments, design of cooling and ventilation system)
  • Accredited vendor in many European and Middle Eastern countries (UAE, Oman, Kuwait, etc.)