We offer a complete project approach for retrofit applications, commencing with the customer’s problem and culminating with commissioning of the project at site. Customers can trust our expert engineers, who possess over 30 years of professional experience in this global market.



Switchgear operators have a set investment plan and budget, which is the driving and, at the same time, limiting factor to any asset expenditure.Therefore,what is sought out in the market is the offer with the best value for money. The following graph illustrates a comparison of possible solutions for South Wales Switchgear type D4Xrenovation.


Downtime is a major factor,especially if the consumer belongs to key essential services (hospitals; fire brigade stations) or high demand consumers (huge process industries; intensively populated areas). For on-site work in some cases only 4-8 hours between shutdown and re-energising are permitted to perform a replacement of a single feeder.


Project lead time is a crucial factor as any downtime transforms into losses and additional expenditure to cover these losses. Certain sites do not allow extended downtimes, both due to economic and regulatory reasons.


An old metal enclosure, primary insulation components and primary copper conductors are not subject to degradation during their whole lifetime, if operated under the correct environment.
The circuit breaker is subject to the most strain and deterioration during operation. By replacing the CB and recovering related elements, the next 30 years of service are guaranteed for the switchgear.