In order to meet our customers` requirements and constantly develop our business, the key factor for us should become high quality of our products and services supplied to our sales markets.
Therefore, the keystone components of the TE2 quality policy are as follows:
– Timely and stable rendering of services and supply of products meeting our customers` requirements and expectations;
– Stress at work is the fiercest enemy of quality and productivity, therefore avoidance of stress is a key attitude towards colleagues, suppliers and clients;
– Search and maintenance of continuous improvement of quality and efficiency of our customers’ investments in our products and services;
– Maintenance of safe working conditions for our personnel, environmental protection and safety of the national resources;
– Excellent execution of product and service orders ‘first time right’;
– To work as a united, well-knit, multinational team of keen professionals focused on the results.


We are fully aware of potential environmental danger and possible negative influence of our activities; therefore, we should design and manufacture our products and render relevant services so that not to harm the environment.

We undertake to obey the following principles in our activity:

– Observance of the requirements of the Estonian nature protection legislation;

– Minimization of negative influence on environment by reducing resources consumption (gas, water, energy, gasoline);

– Reduction of urban and industrial waste formed as a result of the company activity;

– Decreased probability of failures and, in case of failure, readiness of the personnel for adequate actions;

– Continual improvement of nature protection activities and of the environmental management system.


Product quality and reliability are the key components of the TE Energy policy. To achieve these goals, the company created and is constantly improving the quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001. In our operations, we strive to meet our customers’ needs with a comprehensive solution by developing and delivering innovative products combined with high quality services.


The company’s management is committed to maintain and continuously improve the quality management system to ensure the provision of products and services in accordance with this policy as well as the demands and expectations of consumers.


We are fully committed to the sustainability of the environment and constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact.


We contribute to a greener environment by using eco-friendly and completely recyclable materials in our production. All our switchgear products use SF6-free technology to meet the highest standards for environmental sustainability health, and safety.


TE Energy quality and environmental management system (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) passed the independent evaluation by the reputable international certification authorities.