The container substation is designed to serve as a mobile or stationary distribution center of electrical power. It includes all the necessary medium voltage components such as power transformer, switchgear, metering, protection and control equipment. Such substation can be manufactured and transported to the installation site within the shortest time. Assembled and tested at the factory, it is ready to be energized immediately upon arrival.


Container substations equipped with the arc-resistant high-duty MILE switchgear can be used for all possible applications:

  • Stationary distribution substation for general use (permanent installation)
  • Temporary substation during the main substation deployment, reconstruction or planned maintenance works
  • Temporary substation for industrial plants, mining sites, remote locations

Why TE Energy?

  • High level of expertise and experience to offer a complete turn-key solution
  • Only customer-focused approach
  • Versatile solutions (concrete, galvanized steel, GRP enclosures)
  • Customized configurations for medium-voltage switchgear and other substation equipment
  • Overall benefits of container substations (assembled and tested plug & play solution, reduced maintenance costs, shorter commissioning times, flexibility and mobility)