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Based on vacuum switching technology, air insulation, digital protection and arc-flash relays, air-insulated switchgear inherently saves the environment as it is an SF6-free switchgear.

Exceptional safety


MILE is designed to meet the LSC2B-PM AFLR 31,5kA 1s classification as per IEC 62271-200.

  • Short time and peak withstand current on primary circuits
  • Short time and peak withstand current on earthing circuits
  • Temperature rise and main circuit impedance
  • Dielectric test on main and auxiliary circuits
  • Making and breaking capacity of the circuit breaker within the panel
  • Earthing switch making capacity
  • Mechanical operations
  • IP code
  • Internal arc fault (IAC classified: AFLR, 31.5kA/1s)

In addition to IEC 62271-200 requirements, the application of  VCB with MAGNETIC ACTUATORS in MILE provides unique and unrivalled safety features such as remote and safe manual closing of VCB with a palm-held manual generator and the fastest arc fault interruption in less than one cycle.

High operational reliability

The robust enclosure, made of 2mm corrosive resistant hot-dip
galvanized metal sheets with reinforced doors and a safety
labyrinth allows fast and simple erection even on an uneven
A rivet nut design provides not only the rigidness of construction
but also an opportunity to replace metal parts on site without
the use of special tools.
An emergency trip push-button is located in the center of the
panel. It has a striking, protruding design protected against
accidental operation. The trip button can be quickly spotted in an
Large and clearly visible mechanical position indicators located
in view of an operator allows him to positively identify the
operating status of the draw-out unit, VCB and earthing switch.
Each mechanical indicator abruptly changes its status so that it
exactly corresponds to the status of the switching device.
Mechanical position indicators are duplicated by electrical
auxiliary contacts to provide electrical signals into secondary
Minimum service checks on site. MILE is designed for a service
life of at least 30 years. The VCB, earthing switch and cast resin
insulation technology is considered virtually maintenance free,
so the maintenance requirements are only related to periodical
checks to make sure that the system operates correctly. Refined
accessories, such as door hinges, handlebars, locks and electrical
indicators and buttons withstand thousands of operations and
guarantee the appearance of a beautifully crafted product.

Flexible solutions