VIZIMAX and TAVRIDA ELECTRIC release the world’s first, compact SF6-free, single -pole operation capable 24 kV metal-clad switchgear with advanced, synchronous and transient-free switching control.

Longueuil (Canada) – Tettnang (Germany), July 09, 2019 – VIZIMAX is pleased to announce its cooperation with TAVRIDA ELECTRIC, a global leader of medium-voltage vacuum circuit breakers, switchgear and distribution automation solutions. The cooperation combines, highly reliable and maintenance free TAVRIDA ELECTRIC vacuum circuit breakers and switchgear with VIZIMAX’s advanced controlled switching devices. This combination will achieve near zero inrush currents and eliminate voltage dips when energizing power transformers, and also eliminate destructive transients when switching MV capacitors, harmonic filters or reactors.

The independent pole operation 24 kV metal-clad switchgear circuit breaker provides VIZIMAX’s and TAVRIDA ELECTRIC’s worldwide customers a turnkey solution for CAPEX limitation, transient mitigation and asset preservation. Solutions are available for the power utility, renewable energy, mining, steelmaking, railway and in other electro-intensive industries.

We are excited to team-up with TAVRIDA ELECTRIC to jointly offer a long sought-after solution to improve grid connections and maximize the use of existing power infrastructures.” said Jean-Guy Lacombe, VIZIMAX’s President and CEO. Nowadays power utilities, generators and IPPs/OEMS in the renewable energy sector implement larger wind and solar power plants. This leads to ever-increasing power transformer capacities that call for inrush current and voltage dip mitigation. “Both teams exchanged a lot over the last months, and we have now converged to deliver a ground-breaking solution and a very unique value proposition

added Lacombe.

The cooperation brings a cutting-edge solution desired by many of our customers around the world” said Johannes Okon, TAVRIDA ELECTRIC West Europe Managing Director. Advanced reactive power compensators and power factor correction are in high demand and generate a tremendous need for more reliable switching apparatuses and reactive load preservation. “Our solution eliminates switching transients and preserves equipment, while enabling the fast-switching of capacitor banks and harmonic filters

added Okon.


VIZIMAX is a Canadian manufacturer of control and automation solutions for the HV and MV power sectors. VIZIMAX‘s controlled switching devices are unsurpassed for inrush current limitation and transient-free switching. Its controllers and analytics tools are proven in the power grid, power generation and heavy industry sectors.


TAVRIDA ELECTRIC focuses on vacuum circuit breakers, innovative switchgear, overhead line automation and retrofit solutions up to 38kV. Since 1990 its R&D capabilities, innovative technologies for indoor/outdoor projects and its OEM partnership programmes have positioned the company among the top-3 leaders in medium voltage switchgear.

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